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Senior Customer Engineering Specialist



Customer Service
Posted on Sunday, October 22, 2023

What will you do at Atlan?

  • Offer expert guidance in resolving technical queries raised by customers and prospects utilizing Atlan's services.
  • Serve as a vital technical liaison between our front-line support team and the Engineering division, ensuring seamless communication and efficient troubleshooting.
  • Skillfully diagnose and rectify technical and functional challenges reported by the Customer Happiness team.
  • Implement timely bug fixes to address issues reported by our valued customers, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Provide valuable feedback to the Engineering team regarding recurring issue patterns, recommended design changes, and desired features.
  • Capture and document comprehensive issue resolutions as Runbooks and Knowledge Base articles, equipping teams with readily accessible troubleshooting resources. 

What makes you a match?

  • Demonstrated proficiency in supporting enterprise-grade software products within a technical support team, with a preference for experience in L3 support or higher.
  • Extensive experience in technical debugging, encompassing code navigation (Python/Java), debugger attachment, and thorough log analysis.
  • Robust grasp of Computing and Software fundamentals, including adeptness in Operating Systems (Linux), Network protocols, Storage systems (File Systems), Programming/Scripting, and REST architecture.
  • Familiarity with Cloud technologies and deployments, with a preference for expertise in Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, and Argo workflows.
  • Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to succinctly articulate problem statements and craft effective solutions.
  • *We are seeking Engineer who can work in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone